What we do

The L-Hub team has a proven track record of delivery and we specialise in;

Digital integration

Messaging solutions


Cloud services

Strategy planning

Advisory & Consultancy

Product selection

Migration & implementation

Design & build

Digital integration - Our team can help you achieve your digital integration goals - from product selection and configuration to full software suite builds.

Messaging solutions - Messaging can work hand-in-hand with digital integration. Middleware, hub and spoke or peer-to-peer solutions can be evaluated to meet your communication and connection needs.

Blockchain - Proven blockchain trading platforms are a reality that we have worked with. We understand the technology and can advise when and where to use it, or if you should use it at all.

Cloud services - Cloud is usually the most appropriate solution, but not always. Regulation is no longer the significant hurdle it has been in the past. We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of regulated Cloud services.

Strategy planning - We can work with you on your long-term IT strategy, which can be pragmatically teamed with agile, short-term tactical solutions, enabling a progressive plan to be defined; one that achieves its end goal.

Advisory & Consultancy - Our advisory services cover all elements of IT, software and services. From hardware and software procurement, staff planning, software design and development options, to system selection, implementation and oversight.

Product selection - We start a product selection process by gaining full understanding of your requirements and objectives, now and in the future. We are then able to define the RFI/RFP criteria, either high level or in detail. We can follow a formal process to issue these to software vendors or we can directly research solutions that provide a functional, performance and technological fit.

Migration & implementation - Selecting a solution is just the start. We have in-depth experience in the critical phase of migration - converting the data from existing systems and data repositories to the new application. This activity is complimented by our implementation services, including project management, functional and interface gap identification, business workflow definition, planning and execution of model office/dress rehearsals, defining procedures as well as the software and procedure testing. Covering all stages from conception to the final "Go-Live".

Design & build - We can design and build your ideal software solution, either to replace legacy applications or to provide new applications that enable you to work smarter, more efficiently and stay ahead of the game. We specialise in Cloud friendly browser solutions, as well as messaging and interfacing applications. Technology options include using traditional application servers, or utilising the latest Serverless and Micro Services architectures, hosted privately or by one of the leading Cloud providers.


We would love to talk to you, please email us at info@lhub.com